Schön makellos creates the most pleasurable experiences and delivers "Pure Hygenic Water - Lead Free" from products developed out of Stainless Steel SS304.

Team Schon Makellos


Schön makellos is one of the world's leading provider of sanitary fittings, focussed on creating Immaculate, beautiful, flawless innovative designs of Sanitary ware and bathroom fixtures. A global brand, it is one of the most trusted brands selling in international Markets. Inspired by the brand values of design, quality, technology, and sustainability.

With its engineering, innovation and design activities firmly anchored in India, Schön makellos products bear the badge of quality by implementing high-precision production engineering, Schön makellos products are manufactured to meet the most uncompromising demands in terms of workmanship and functionality.

Schön makellos revolutionizes conventional homes by manufacturing and Imports attainable, dynamic Designer High Grade Stainless Steel SS 304 Grade Faucets & accessories that evoke the peace and luxury .
Schön makellos takes pride in a design approach inspired by traditional Indian Italian and European principles of timeless style, craftsmanship and uncompromising quality. With equal emphasis on form and function, we design and manufacture products that work flawlessly for a lifetime

Schön makellos, head office in New Delhi India, takes pride in manufacturing and Imports unique and impactful Designers Stainless Steel Faucets and accessories that redefine interior spaces. Deeply rooted in Indian, Italian and European tradition, Schön makellos was created to uphold timeless principles of craftsmanship and uncompromising quality.
While the clean edges and flawless surfaces of our Stainless Steel 304 Grade faucets are perfectly formed, the weight of the pieces displays their substantial and sturdy construction.


Schön makellos manufactures its extensive product range at world-class OEM companies across the world which specialise in products for leading bathroom brands in India and Europe. Each manufacturer is selected to manufacture only after meticulous factory and product quality inspections ensuring the right supply chain partners.


Schön makellos employs a large Quality Control (QC) team at manufacturing locations. All the Products conform to very strict quality standards. Every piece of Schön makellos Sanitary ware is inspected for pin-holes, micro-cracks & colour consistency. Each Shower & Bathroom Fitting is tested as per need under 0.75MPa air pressure and 1.6MPa water pressure to guarantee no leakage.


Schön makellos sources Single-lever cartridges along with Aerators at the heart of any faucet from the best manufacturers in Europe – Kerox of Hungary (Single-Lever Cartridge), Sedal of Spain & Neopearl of Switzerland (Aerators). Each faucet handle passes the open-&-close test for 500,000 operations.


Schön makellos is years ahead of the competition in introducing new & innovative designs of sanitary ware,. The company is quick to identify market trends and believes in extensively collaborating with its international manufacturing partners to design and develop products which combine exquisite style with state-of-the-art technology, unparalleled performance and the highest quality.


Schön makellos products have the lowest price-tags compared to other leading brands in India. We supply products to leading showrooms across India without employing distributors; cutting middle-men leads to substantial cost-savings which are passed on to customers..

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